Lizzie asks…

Is there anything I can use under a piano to make it easier to transport like glider wheels,etc?

I will be moving and I know that the piano will be heavy for the movers. I was wondering is there anything that the moving companies, or piano stores have that will help to move the piano easier like a glider under each wheel or something similar? I thank-you guys in advance.

Mr Mover answers:

Here is the deal, if you are moving and hired movers they will have other methods of transporting the piano including rollers/coaster gliders. Now if it’s your friends helping you move

If You’re Doing it Yourself –

You’ll realize pretty soon you can’t do it alone: when you get help, make sure your assistants (you’ll need at least four – two in front of the piano and two in back) are wearing gloves and that none have a history of back problems.
Before you start moving the piano make sure the lid is down and locked. Also make sure that there are no obstacles along your planned move route.
Be sure to lift with your legs, not your back.
If you can, place the piano on a heavy duty dolly before moving it. If you don’t have a heavy duty dolly, don’t lift the piano more than a few inches off the ground and don’t move it more than a few inches forward at a time.
Move the piano endways, not sideways.
If you’re moving the piano outside, wrap it in plastic so as to prevent any potential water damage.
When rolling the piano, be extra careful when rolling over thresholds or doorjambs. Even little bumps can put expensive dents in a piano.

Also, ensure they are insured if it’s a company. If they are not professional piano movers, keep a very close eye because pianos have to be moved very carefully and not tipped and ensure you have home owners insurance in the event one gets hurt. I hate to sound negative but, I will never again on earth attempt to move my piano… :-)

Donald asks…

What is the easiest and smartest way of relocating out of state?

me and my fiance are ready to relocate somewhere where its warmer and no snow. I am a piano mover ( not a huge field lol ) and she take care of the mentally handicapped ( working on early childhood dev. degree). We live in Massachusetts now and are looking somewhere around cali ( and yes i know its expensive) or San Antonio ( born and raised in Texas myself). Not looking for families help like moving in with anyone for awhile. whats the best approach? thanks for all the opinions

Mr Mover answers:

Take a long weekend (3 or 4 days) and visit. Select a weekend that is NOT on a holiday and try to stay in a hotel that would be in the closest area to where you would be living.

Jenny asks…

A ramp is 30 meters long and 5 meters high. 200 newtons of force must be applied by the mover to push a 1,000?

A ramp is 30 meters long and 5 meters high. 200 newtons of force must be applied by the mover to push a 1,000 newton piano up the ramp.

What is the efficiency of the ramp?

Mr Mover answers:

The input work is the applied force x the distance moved;

Wi = FS = (200)(30) = 6000 J

The output work is the potential energy gained by the piano;

Wo = wh = (1000)(5) = 5000 J

The efficiency is then;

Eff = (Wo/Wi) x 100%
= 83.3 %

John asks…

How much would it cost to move an upright piano with low back, about 40 miles?

in california. so if we hired a piano mover to move it from one city to another, which would be 40 miles.around that. please just give your best estimate!

Mr Mover answers:

Golly – we have no way of knowing. The only way to find out is to call several moving companies near you and ask them. Even if we told you a price – it would mean nothing because the movers will have their own rates.

Linda asks…

can you get a piano up a flight of stairs?

Is there a way to get a piano up a flight of stairs? Can professional movers do this? Also, Im thinking of buying a piano from someone who lives near me, but the pick up is my responsibility, how do I get it home? Do I need a uhaul truck or trailer? How do I secure it to a trailer?

Mr Mover answers:

All depends on what type of Piano.
If it’s a Spinet, you can probably do it yourself if you get a couple of guys and a uhaul. If it’s a concert grand, I would suggest to get a specialty piano movers.

I have an upright and, had regular movers move it when we moved.

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